A Rose Garden

It is a rose garden in a suburb.

"Keisei Rose Garden" locates in Yachiyo-city(Chiba). The nearest station is "Yachiyo-Midorigaoka"(Toyo Rapid Railway), and we need to walk about 15 minutes from the station or take bus at the station.

This garden has an area of 30,000m2 and 1,000 varieties of roses. Because roses were in full of blossom that day, the garden was filled with people.

People enthusiastically took pictures in everywhere. Most of them came to the garden with their family, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. They chatted, smiled, enjoyed ice cream.... they seemed to be so happy. Unexpectedly I started to feel uncomfortable. Roses were so beautiful. But I didn't to have any person to share this moment.

And then I noticed a woman. She also came alone. She was not young. She walked slowly and really enjoyed herself. Sometimes she stood beside roses for a moment and smelled. It seemed like she kissed roses. Oh, it's beautiful.

She didn't have any company, didn't take photos either.

Slowly she passed.

I was impressed truly.
Simply, I decided to enjoy by my way.

"I am in the garden filled with colourful roses. This is really sweet!"

this station is about 40 minutes from Nihombashi station.

AEON shpping mall and TOHO cinemas are next to this station.

a pedestrian overpass from the station.

people in a row.

start to walk from a modern rose area.
Well, let's enjoy roses!

There were many roses. Red, white, yellow, pink, orange, purple, even black roses!
Small and big, noble look and cheerful one.
They are like girls who dress in very different way.
Maybe you can find "someone" who want to be your friend!

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