Day-2 Kawane Youth Hostel

Jina sta. is a small station in country town along the Oigawa-river.

Located in Kawane-Honcho and famous for the shortest tunnel in Japan(about 7m) .

Kawane's one of the main products is tea, so you can see a tea garden in everywhere in this country town.

Kawane Youth Hostei also stands in the middle of a tea garden!

Jina sta.
the shortest tunnel in Japan.

a way to the youth hostel. tea gardens on both side.

Oigawa-river. kawane youth hostel is on the opposite bank of the river.

kawane youth hostel.

entrance of the youth hostel.

mr.mya welcomes you!

entrance of a dormitory.
Japanese traditional folk house was used as youth hostel.

a clean and simple, charming woody bed room.

"oden"-dinner party in the room with traditional hearth.

everyone want to play with this adorable cat!

tea-picking experience is available on the season.

on the next day, before leave youth hostel.
a view from the tea garden.

Kawane youth hostel is small but comfortable place to stay in beautiful country side.

People who love motorcycle/car/railway/traveling gather in this youth hostel and enjoy to have good time in warm atmosphere.

Thank you Kawane Youth Hostel!

I really enjoyed to stay.

Kawane Youth Hostel(Japanese: link to English page)

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